◆ Metalogic Products

◆ Supervisor

SUPERVISOR is an automated operations product designed specifically for Clearpath operations environments.

◆ Jampack

Increases the effectiveness of disk families by intelligent, fast file defragmentations, known as checkerboarding.

◆ DBControl

A dynamic memory management software tool, optimizing memory allocation for DMSII databases on Clearpath Systems.

◆ Flex

An advanced file management tool using OPAL script, designed to help control disk space usage and automate file backup/recovery.

◆ CopyWrite

CopyWrite uses extensions to the WFL COPY statement to implement CD-Rom or multi-file archives, disk farms and file transfer emulation on Clearpath systems.

◆ ODTControl

ODT Control enables strict control on the usage of sensitive MCP operator commands such as MP, RC and SL and is available as a stand-alone product.

◆ Maillib

Provides Supervisor users with the capability to send system alerts to mail clients or mobile phones. It has its own operator interface, print-to-mail server and WFL utility.

◆ Trial Versions

You can try our Products for free to improve the performance and usability of your Clearpath.  All trial versions are full products with a limited 42 day licence.

◆ FireFox Extensions

These are Web enabled extensions for Metalogic Hotline and Terminal for use on a Firefox browser
Hotline  (Latest Version 17.0)

Terminal (Latest Version 32.0)