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Metalogic run three major courses for our customers:

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The above courses are available in Stirling or may be presented at the customer site. Typically, depending on customer location, it is cost-effective to attend courses in Stirling if the student number is less than 3.  In Stirling, courses run best with a minimum of 2 attendees to a maximum of 5.

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◆ Overview

For new and existing users of our Supervisor product, the 4-day Supervisor and OPAL course provides a practical-based overview of the Supervisor operations command set and an introduction to developing and using OPAL scripting.

For FLEX customers, the Introduction to FLEX course presents the usage and capabilities of the Flex Utility program for managing and reporting files. As with Supervisor, the OPAL scripting is discussed with practical examples.

For those Supervisor customers who are already experienced in Supervisor OPAL, the Advanced OPAL course offers experienced users access to new and sophisticated OPAL techniques and the chance to learn new tips and tricks

Courses are always presented by an experienced Metalogic developer and have a strong practical content. Students will be given short exercises and practicals with an emphasis on real-world problems with practical solutions.

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