◆ Software Documentation

◆ Product Manuals

Documentation is available for most Metalogic products, including Supervisor, Flex and Trim, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Updated manuals now have a 'What's New' section at the beginning with all the latest new features and changes.

◆ Software Updates

Metalogic Software Changes are internal release notes which describe the latest enhancements and fixes applied to all of our software. This is usually the best resource for viewing the latest changes which may not yet have been applied to the manuals.

◆ MCP Compatibility Matrix

This table indicates the minimum Metalogic software versions required for compliance on all known levels of Unisys MCP/HMP versions.

When upgrading to a new level of MCP, please check the current versions of your Metalogic software to see if it is compatible.

◆ Technical Papers

This section has technical reference papers relevant to various Metalogic products, particularly Supervisor.

The documents are in various formats and discuss a wide range of topics and issues such as the Supervisor-NAP interface, the INSTALL utility and the Supervisor RECORDER interface.

◆ Solutions & Knowledge Base

Frequently asked questions, tips and trick and OPAL solutions for customer problems using Metalogic Software. 

◆ Reference Cards

There are various OPAL Language and Supervisor command reference card which are available for download.