◆ Software Support & Contact

Metalogic can be contacted for software support or licensing issues by telephone or by email. Typically, support emails will be acknowledged by Metalogic within 24 hours and usually much sooner, depending on time zone differences.

Enquiries about software or machine upgrades should be sent to 'Metalogic Shipping'.

Email Stirling Office

Technical support is provided by the Stirling Office



Tel: +44 (0) 1786 430418

Form General Feedback Form

Outside of office hours, voice mail messages are forwarded to our support mailing list.
Registered Office - 16 Coney Park, Stirling, FK7 9LU, Scotland, UK

Email Luxembourg Office

Contract support is available from Luxembourg.



Tel: +352 326 850 301

Outside of office hours, voice mail messages are forwarded to our support mailing list.

Registered Office -PO Box 11, L-7508 Lorentzweiler, Luxembourg
* please use this address for financial correspondence  

Reporting Problems

Form Support Inquiry Form

You can raise a problem report directly via the support mailing list or using the link above.

When reporting a fault, please give us as much additional information as possible i.e.

~ Product name and codefile version
~ Level of MAGUS library
~ Problem description
~ Diagnostic information such as system logs, program dumps, screen dumps
The best way to send diagnostic files to us is by email; native Clearpath files can be packaged using the WFL WRAP command to make wrapped containers. These files can easily be moved to any PC and then emailed.

Software Upgrades/Licensing Changes

Forms  Keys/Upgrade Request Form

All Metalogic software must have valid licence keys to run on any Clearpath and Libra system. The keys are generated from the following:

~ Machine style (eg. LX7100-14)
~ System serial number
~ RELEASEID of MAGUS library

Upgrades to existing systems require licence addendum and usually new keys. Please use the following email address if you have upgrade requirements:
Email: shipping@metalogic.eu.com
It is important that you provide Metalogic with the above system information so that we can provide you temporary 42-days keys.
Request a software upgrade via the web by clicking on the link above.

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◆ Software Documentation

The latest internal release notes with the latest enhancements and fixes applied to all of our software -More >>

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