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May 15  Updated Supervisor & OPAL Manuals 580.02

The Latest version of Flex Manual 580.01

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April 15  Updated Flex Manual 580.01

The Latest version of Flex Manual 580.01

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Feb 15  Updated MCP Compatibility Matrix

The Compatibility Matrix has been updated for MCP 58.1

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Dec 14  New Luxembourg Office Address

The Luxembourg Office address has changed.

Registered Office:
PO Box 11,
L-7508 Lorentzweiler,

Please check our Support page for more information.

Oct 14  Updated Supervisor & Opal Manuals
Sep 14  Andrew Lesh Leaves Metalogic 


Jul 14 Updated MCP Compatibility Matrix

Updated Matrix to include MCP 57.1.

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Jun 14 Updated Trim Technical Information

Updated Support for DSI and Unisys STK Automated Tape Libraries.

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Sep 13  Updated MCP Compatibility Matrix

Updated Matrix to include MCP 56.1.

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Jun 13  Stirling Support Telephone Number Change

The Stirling Office telephone number is now 01786 430418. Please use this number for any voice calls.

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Jan 13  Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
Follow us now on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for all the latest Metalogic news, updates and fixes.
Nov 12  Supervisor New SMTP Context

This new context can be used to receive email.  An example of its use would be for Supervisor to start a WFL when an email is received from the network or downloaded from a POP server.  Attachments can be unzipped and copied with CopyWrite.

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Jun 12  Updated Supervisor Manual

Updated Supervisor Manual

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May 12  Updated MCP Compatibility Matrix

Updated Matrix to include MCP 55.1

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Jan 12  Revised and Updated Manuals

All the latest changes and fixes updated manuals

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Sep 10  Data and File MCP Compression

30th September 2010

New data and file MCP compression facilities recently implemented in the Metalogic MAGUS library. The features have been incorporated into both the FLEX and SUPERVISOR products for use by their Opal scripting functions. Both handle GZip, Zlib and Metalogic's own Mzip compression format.

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Sep 10  PDF File Creation using Maillib - Maillib Enhancements

Creating native PDF files on MCP System.

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May 09 Online Browser Interface (OBI)

The status of any MCP Clearpath system using this browser based view powered by Supervisor scripting. Try it on our system, use Login: GUEST/GUEST. Firefox preferred.

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Apr 09 New Supervisor Opal Contexts

Various new Opal scripting contexts are now supported by SUPERVISOR, each with their own attribute subset. These contexts are not event-based so may only be executed with the EVAL and DO commands.

The new scriptable contexts are shown below:

AFTER Analysis of AFTER activity list in the SUPERVISOR schedule
DEFINE Analysis of the DEFINE dictionary in the SUPERVISOR schedule
SHOWOPEN Analogous to the MCP command of the same name, SHOWOPEN
allows analysis of open files, both temporary and permanent, on any
disk family
SESSIONS Analogous to the new MCP command of the same name, SESSIONS
allows analysis of all active job and MCS sessions
SL Analysis of MCP SL-ed functions
STATIONS Analysis of all active datacom stations, including pseudo
stations, with detailed MCS information.

The Metalogic OBI interface, which uses a web browser to depict a wide range of MCP environmental and operations information, provides links to all the above contexts.

Nov 08 New SORT clause in Supervisor

Objects found by a Situation in an EV command can now be sorted before being passed to the Display or ODTSequence.

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Oct 08  Unite Orlando MCP Presentation

Operate the MCP from a Browser to give a web based graphical interface.

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Click HERE, logging in as guest/guest, to view a current map of the space usage of one of our MCP disks. Please note: IE users will be required to install the SVG plug-in from Adobe.

Sep 07  BETA Demo of Supervisor Web Interface

The Operations Manager can check the status of the Production System using this Browser based view of an MCP system. Try it on our system, by logging in as guest/guest

Jan 07 PD Context in Supervisor

A PD context is now available in Supervisor. More

May 07 TL Command from a Supervisor Window

A TL command entered from a supervisor window may have unexpected side effects.

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May 07  Hotline

Metalogic Hotline is now compatible for use with updated web browser Firefox 2.

Download Firefox 2

Download Metalogic Hotline

Aug 06 Safeguarding Files with FLEX Inquiry

Overview of FLEX Inquiry enhancements for safeguarding files with the Unisys ARCHIVING system.

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Mar 07  FLEX has ODTSequences!

FLEX inquiry can now use OPAL blocks for REPORT scripts just like Supervisor ODTSequences. Uses BEGIN..END, ODT & WFL plus new MAIL, KEYIN functions. More Info....

Mar 07  New Supervisor DEFINE Program Type

The COMMAND program type allows Opal scripts to be run as shortcuts, without a TT DO prefix. Allows MCP commands to be enhanced or replaced. More Info...

Jul 05 FREE Downloads - Reference Cards & Course Material

FREE Downloads - Reference Cards

Various OPAL language and Supervisor command reference cards.

FREE Downloads - Course Material

Flex, Supervisor and Opal course material in a Powerpoint presentation.

Apr 05  Copying Library/Maintenance tapes on Windows NT/2000

CopyWrite utilities now provide access to MCP Library/Maintenance tapes from a Windows NT/2000 system using direct SCSI commands. 

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Oct 04 File Event Tracking

Example programme and Opal routines to trigger actions based on file information.

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Jul 05 Test compilations of FAMILYMANAGER rules using SYSTEM/OPAL

Flex users of the FAMILYMANAGER product can now compile rules for syntax using the standalone OPAL compiler.

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Apr 04 Supervisor & SURE Collaboration

Metalogic and Infra Design announce exciting new development between their Supervisor and SURE products.

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Aug 03 Libra Model 180 Key Problems on MCP 49.1

On MCP release 49.1A6 or later, the Metalogic software keys for Libra Model 180 systems (previously called CS7801/100) may not work unless you have received updated keys from us. The problem is caused by a MCP change to the TIME(24) function and is discussed on the Unisys Support website.

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Aug 02  Copywrite for NT & DVD's

CopyWrite for NT has been replaced by a suite of software designed to support A-Series Disk Farms on PCs, and Library/Maintenance Images on PCs. This package complements the A-Series CopyWrite suit

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Jul 02  48.1A42 MCP Alert

The recent release of MCP IC MCP-048.1A.42 [48.189.042] (48.189.8630) in July 2002 causes a major problem with Metalogic software.

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Jun 02 48.1 MCP Alert

The recent release of MCP IC 48.1A9 (48.189.8257) prior to Christmas 2001 caused several problems for Metalogic software. 

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