Metalogic provides sophisticated software that runs on Unisys Clearpath MCP computers, providing our customers with solutions for operations automation, sophisticated system tuning and various disk file management tools.

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◆ Products

A full list of our product range and full free trial versions to improve performance and usability of your MCP machine.

◆ Software Updates

Metalogic Software Updates have all the latest technical information for all Metalogic product fixes and enhancements.

◆ Solutions

The Knowledge Base is a technical reference of tips and trick, FAQs and various solutions for real & potential customers problems.

◆ Metalogic Courses

Metalogic run three major courses on-site or off-site:  Supervisor & OPAL, Flex or Advanced OPAL. Courses are run on or off site.


Tables with the Name and preferred Metalogic release container versions compatible for each MCP release and notes.

◆ About Metalogic

Founded in Luxembourg in 1978, Metalogic has two main offices in Lorentzweiler, Luxembourg and in Stirling, Scotland.